Dep Mayor Buery
NY Deputy Mayor Richard Buery

New York City’s Deputy Mayor Richard Buery “pulled strings” to gain admission for his son to a top-tier public school, and therefore, must resign for the sheer hypocrisy this represents.

No one questions the motivation and desire of Deputy Mayor Buery in wanting the best education for his son.  Every parent wants to best for their kids.  The problem is that his administration has blocked choice and charter school initiatives that would have also benefited other parents who are far less connected and influential.

Department of Education officials pulled one string after another to help Deputy Mayor Richard Buery’s son get a coveted spot in Park Slope’s best middle school, The Post has learned.

Buery was given the personal cellphone numbers of school leaders and taken on private tours by principals and administrators when he was relocating to the city in 2014, sources said.

The efforts paid off.

The boy got into top-ranked MS 51, despite moving into the district right before the start of the school year. In the subsequent two years, only one other student was accepted into MS 51 at such a late juncture, according to a school source.

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