Universities can’t control the skyrocketing cost of higher education, why would we want these institutions to do the same for K-12 schools?

  • A recent EWA blog post details the success of USC Hybrid High College Prep, a non-selective charter high school run by the storied institution, which aims to guarantee 100% college admission for all of its graduating seniors every year.
  • School officials credit individualized attention from teachers, weekly office hours, and daily advisory periods for the students’ success, in addition to a rigorous curriculum and a focus on self-guided thesis study, bringing a higher ed model into the high school classroom.
  • The dean of USC’s Rossier School of Education also serves as head of Ednovate, Inc., the parent nonprofit group responsible for USC Hybrid High, ensuring close collaboration between the two schools.

Source: Examining the possibilities of university-run community schools | Education Dive