Our Neighborhood School Didn’t Have a Dual-Language Immersion Program So Parents Started One

As soon as my fiancé and I moved to Washington, D.C. in 2008, we started looking at school options. Although children were still a few years off, we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to research the various schools available to us.

The district provides multiple school choices for children starting at age 3, including traditional, charter and private schools, and we were thrilled to learn several dual-language immersion schools were among our choices.

Source: Our Neighborhood School Didn’t Have a Dual-Language Immersion Program So We Started One

The Second Great Migration for Black Families Is Embracing School Choice

Like hundreds of thousands of Black families, my paternal grandmother and several of her relatives participated in the Great Migration, one of the most dramatic population shifts in American history.

Although some Blacks left the South to pursue economic opportunities, a lot of them had no choice—it was often for safety and security, to escape overt and violent oppression. Blacks leaving the South in droves, was not, of course, the same as being sold as chattel, but it was rooted in oppression nonetheless.

Source: The Second Great Migration for Black Families Is Embracing School Choice

Parent focus groups reveal disconnect between real and perceived student performance

The vast majority of parents believe their children are performing at or above grade level in both reading and math. According to nationally representative data from nonprofit parent advocacy organization Learning Heroes, across race, class, income and education levels, 90% of parents think their children are proficient in these two subjects.

Educators know the reality is very different. National data indicates about 33% of students are proficient in math and 34% are proficient in reading.

The 2016 Learning Heroes survey report — soon to be followed up with the 2017 version — provides a useful touchstone for school districts in their parent engagement efforts. Yoni Geffen, manager of family and empowerment and academic partnership at the Denver Public Schools Office of Family and Community Engagement, said the huge disparity in actual and perceived performance is striking.

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This Mom Went to Jail Making Sure Her Son Received a High-Quality Education and She Would Do It All Over Again

“It’s been five years since Tanya McDowell made national headlines after she was charged with larceny for “stealing an education” for her son. Even with some time to think, McDowell believes enrolling her son at a Norwalk Public School was the right call.”

It’s a shame that a mother is charged with a crime for simply wishing a better education for her child. Unbelievable!

Source: This Mom Went to Jail Making Sure Her Son Received a High-Quality Education and She Would Do It All Over Again

The usual suspects (teachers’ unions, district officials, and Democrat politicians) oppose expansion of school choice in Iowa

“Despite Republican control of the governor’s mansion and both houses of the State Legislature, proposals to significantly expand school choice programs in Iowa are stalled, at least for now. The pushback has come from groups traditionally opposed to the idea — Democrats, school districts, teachers’ unions and parents committed to public schools — but also from some conservatives concerned about the cost to the state.

Iowa is one of 31 states where legislators have proposed creating or expanding school choice programs this year, without Washington even lifting a finger. Even if just a few of the bills pass, the number of children attending private schools with public money could greatly increase, one reason the proposals are meeting resistance.”


Teachers’ Union hit Texas Senate’s school voucher bill as ‘sinful’ privatization | Dallas News

Texas teachers’ union has no shame in rallying its supporters to defend their failed monopoly in which poor and minority children suffer the most.  Who’s the real sinner here? Those who hold the defenseless captive, or those who seek to break the chains?  Source: Teachers, pastors hit Texas Senate’s school voucher bill as ‘sinful’ privatization | Education | Dallas News

DeVos Promotes School Choice, Local Control

WASHINGTON (AP) — Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says school choice and local control are important in education.

Speaking to members of The Council of the Great City Schools, a group of the nation’s largest urban school districts, DeVos stressed that parents, not Washington politicians, should be making choices about their children’s education.

“Parents know better than any politician or administrator the unique needs of each of their children,” DeVos said. “Time and again, when parents are empowered to take charge of their children’s education, when they have quality options we see the results for students. For me this is just common sense.”

Source: DeVos Promotes School Choice, Local Control | Political News | US News

Educational captivity

There is no doubt about the link between education and economic prosperity. There’s no need to cite here the extensive economic research that connects individual income to educational attainment.  A person who attends a good school system is better prepared for college, graduation and eventual entry into a good paying profession.

What happens to a child who is stuck or  captive in a chronically failing school system? What are the odds that that kid will end up unemployed, dependent on government assistance, or possibly in jail? What happens to that kid’s dreams or ambitions?

Sadly, in 2017, education remains the battleground for civil rights.  There is no reason why a failing school should remain open year after year to ruin the lives of young people. There is also no reason why a person’s ZIP Code should determine their destiny.
If we truly believe that education is the key to success, why do we continue to tolerate a public school system model that keeps certain people captive with no choice other than to attend a failed school system.

The solution is to free people to make choices.  All parents, not just the rich, should be free to choose an alternative to the local failed schools. Let parents vote with their feet like any customer would vote when choosing one product over another.

There is no time to waste. Far too many lives are at stake. Let’s free people from educational captivity by giving them choices.