There is no doubt about the link between education and economic prosperity. There’s no need to cite here the extensive economic research that connects individual income to educational attainment.  A person who attends a good school system is better prepared for college, graduation and eventual entry into a good paying profession.

What happens to a child who is stuck or  captive in a chronically failing school system? What are the odds that that kid will end up unemployed, dependent on government assistance, or possibly in jail? What happens to that kid’s dreams or ambitions?

Sadly, in 2017, education remains the battleground for civil rights.  There is no reason why a failing school should remain open year after year to ruin the lives of young people. There is also no reason why a person’s ZIP Code should determine their destiny.
If we truly believe that education is the key to success, why do we continue to tolerate a public school system model that keeps certain people captive with no choice other than to attend a failed school system.

The solution is to free people to make choices.  All parents, not just the rich, should be free to choose an alternative to the local failed schools. Let parents vote with their feet like any customer would vote when choosing one product over another.

There is no time to waste. Far too many lives are at stake. Let’s free people from educational captivity by giving them choices.