Patricia MacCorquodale, a parent in Arizona, describes her experiences with school choice.  She is obviously biased in her assessments of choice and charters.  She describes her frustrations with choosing the right school for her child.  But instead of advocating for a more streamlined access to information, she essentially concludes that choice is hard and therefore not worth pursuing. 

My daughter attended two private, two public and four charter schools during her K-12 education; the search for each one was extensive. With 547 charter schools and 480 private schools operating in Arizona, there is a lot of school choice.

‘I navigated the school choice maze as a university professor with good income, flexible hours, reliable transportation, and a strong parent network. Imagine the process of school choice for parents of students attending failing schools, with limited income, or relying on public transportation.’

Source: The masquerade of school choice: a parent’s story – The Washington Post