CA DashbordDespite [the efforts of parent advocates], “the California school accountability dashboard released last week fails many of the state’s families. Actually, it fails so profoundly, in such basic ways, and after more than three years of planning, that the state’s motivation appears dubious — and its role in the urgent work of closing opportunity gaps unclear.”

“The dashboard, while it reports on multiple indicators of school quality and, importantly, disaggregates these by student subgroups, fails families in just about every other way.

It contains two-year-old data for some indicators and no data for others. It has no functionality for comparing performance across districts or across schools. It provides no overall rating for schools that would allow families to easily and quickly evaluate school quality and compare public school options. Incredibly, the site is not optimized for mobile phones, has no printable reports, and, save for a Google translate button, is available only in English.”

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