Rep. Will Guzzardi, D-Chicago, seeks to stop charter school expansion in Illinois

State Representative Will Guzzardi has introduced legislation that would all but stop charter school expansion in Illinois. Guzzardi’s bill would block the opening of any new charter campuses…

At US Parents, we wonder if Rep. Guzzardi believes that Chicago’s public schools are now performing so well for all kids, especially those most at-risk, that additional school choices are no longer needed.  “Mission accomplished” for Rep. Guzzardi?

Source: This bill would stop charter school expansion in Illinois. | Fred Klonsky

New York Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Selective Public Schools

Critics of charter schools in New York City often allege that charters score better on standardized tests, on average, than traditional public schools because charters “cream-skim” (i.e., attract) the brightest, most motivated, students.

For years, government-run school districts have been slandering charter schools with the lies related to “creaming” the best and brightest kids.

Source: New York Charter Schools Outperform Traditional Selective Public Schools | Manhattan Institute

Penn State Studies Impact of school choice on segregation

Diversity in schools is important for students’ experiences and outcomes in schools and beyond, reducing prejudices and ensuring the likelihood of living and working in integrated environments as adults. Penn State researchers are exploring how school choice is affecting racial composition and segregation in Pennsylvania schools.

Source: Impacts of school choice on segregation

Is Turkish Gov’t trying to slander some U.S. charter schools?

As Secretary of State Rex Tillerson travels to Turkey on Thursday, he’ll want to talk about the fight against ISIS. But the Turks want to talk about a controversial Turkish religious scholar: Fethullah Gulen. Turkish President Recep Erdogan accuses Gulen of being behind a bloody coup attempt in the country last July. Gulen, who lives […]

Source: Are some U.S. charter schools helping fund controversial Turkish cleric’s movement? – News 12 Now

Center for Education Reform Releases the 17th National Charter School Law Ranking & Scorecard

March 22, 2017:  Since 1996, CER’s yearly scorecard and ranking of state charter school laws has provided guidance and feedback to policymakers on the relative strengths and weakness of charter school policies and their effectiveness in fulfilling the true meaning of the words “charter school law,”— i.e., paving the way for high numbers of strong, autonomous, healthy charter schools, that provide meaningful opportunities for families and their children, and the chance for innovation for all involved.

Source: National Charter School Law Ranking & Scorecard

President Trump’s 2018 budget shows strong support for school choice

Proposal signals effort to reshape K-12 schools and the federal role in education.

The Trump administration is seeking to cut $9.2 billion — or 13.5 percent — from the Education Department’s budget, a dramatic downsizing that would reduce or eliminate grants for teacher training, after-school programs and aid to ­low-income and first-generation college students.

Along with the cuts, among the steepest the agency has ever sustained, the administration is also proposing to shift $1.4 billion toward one of President Trump’s key priorities: Expanding charter schools, private-school vouchers and other alternatives to traditional public schools. His $59 billion education budget for 2018 would include an unprecedented federal investment in such “school choice” initiatives, signaling a push to reshape K-12 education in America.

Source: Trump seeks to slash Education Department but make big push for school choice – The Washington Post